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Accepting clients across Canada

Your appointment can be online via ZOOM, FaceTime or phone call

The Holistic Approach to a Healthy Self

Holistic Nutrition addresses you as a whole - physical, mental, and emotional -  past, present & future.

As a Holistic Nutritionist (HN) I approach each client by considering the whole body and its connection to diet and lifestyle.

By taking the time to explore each client’s individual health history, life experiences and current symptoms, a HN will help identify the root cause of any imbalances. Working within a philosophy of prevention and self-responsibility, a HN will consider imbalances with an educational approach, and create an individualized program to support each client’s health goals. 


Some people may want to work with a HN to further support a medical treatment plan. Others simply want to improve their cooking skills, get suggestions for healthy eating, recipes and meal plans. People with allergies and food intolerances may see a HN to improve their immune response and increase their knowledge around safe and delicious food preparation. Some people with disordered eating might see a HN to seek food freedom, and establish a positive, healthy relationship with wholesome food.

Fruits and Vegetables
Step 1:  Complete your 3-day Food Journal and submit it before your first appointment. This gives your nutritionist insight and is used in the making of your custom meal plans.
Step 2: Book an appointment online or contact us to find out how we can best help you reach your wellness goals.
Step 3: During your first appointment, your nutritionist will work with you to complete a full nutritional assessment. This information will help your nutritionist to understand your health needs and enable them to create a wellness plan tailored to you.

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Chelsi Ferguson, RNCP

I am based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and see clients across Canada. Virtual appointments allow you to join from wherever you are; Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, in the Maritimes and everywhere in between. Your online session with your nutritionist eliminates travel time and can easily be incorporated into your busy schedule.

If you prefer an in-person consultation, you can book an appointment at the Healthy Self Nutritionist office in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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